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Communicating Mission in MSAR Survey

Introduction and Consent

Purpose: This survey is designed to assess the impact of providing additional information about a school's mission on an applicant's or advisor's ability to differentiate between schools and to identify those which are (or are not) a good fit for an applicant's interests and professional goals.

Data use:  The information provided to the AAMC will not be shared with any third parties.  It will inform how medical schools present their mission statements in MSAR in the future.  Data will be collected in aggregate and no attempts to re-identify individuals will be made.

Data storage:  Your responses will be securely stored by the AAMC with appropriate access controls to limit exposure of your data to those with a need to know.

Benefits of participation:  Participation is voluntary.  We expect that providing additional information about the mission of medical schools will assist applicants and advisors in identifying schools that are a good fit for the applicant's interests and professional goals.  We anticipate that the added specificity will help schools attract applicants whose aspirations align with their mission.

This pilot has been reviewed according to AAMC policies and procedures.  Direct questions about the pilot or this instrument to Michelle Shader at mshader@aamc.org or holisticreview@aamc.org.  

By continuing, you acknowledge that you have read the above and agree to participate.

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