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2020 GIR Awards

The AAMC Group on Information Resources (GIR) awards program recognizes GIR members who have made significant contributions to academic medicine information technology.  Established in 2018, these awards focus on contributions in the academic medical center information technology arena that inspire and impact the work we do to advance academic medicine. There are two categories of awards: the GIR Excellence Award, and the GIR Service Award.

The GIR Excellence Award is given to an individual, or institutional or cross-institutional team, that contributed to a work of excellence in the academic medical information technology domain, supporting one or more of the mission areas of the academic medical centers: clinical, educational, or research, and including administration. This award reflects a contribution that has an innovative national impact, or institutional impact that is a model for other institutions to follow.  This award can be by self-nomination.

The GIR Service Award is given to an individual based on their contribution to the AAMC GIR Community.  These nominations are intended to recognize an individual for significant and long-lasting impact in the field of academic medical center information technology, and to the GIR community.  It is designed to honor an individual whose personal commitment and dedication has made a lasting impression on academic medicine and the GIR community. This award cannot be self-nominated.

Nominations are due February 15, 2020.  Questions?  Please contact Katie Beale at kbeale@aamc.org.

Please indicate which Award you are nominating:

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