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The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is collecting feedback from the community regarding the standardized vocabulary for instructional methods, assessment methods, and resources (vocabulary with definitions available here). 
We have solicited feedback on this before and would like to take this opportunity to collect any additional thoughts on the current list from our constituents. Your feedback will be aggregated and shared with the MedBiquitous working group and Curriculum Committee for future edits to the vocabulary list. Examples of some previously provided feedback are available here.

We are open to any feedback you have, including outside-the-box ideas!

This survey is voluntary and should take around 10 minutes to complete. Your responses are classified as restricted and may not be published with any identification without your permission. 

De-identified or aggregated open-text survey responses may be exposed to artificial intelligence (AI) tools for qualitative analysis purposes to identify themes and generating insights. All identified data are stored securely and electronically by the AAMC in the United States in limited-access folders to which only project team members have access. 

If you have questions about this survey or experience technical issues, please contact medbiq@aamc.org 

This survey has been reviewed according to AAMC policies and procedures and is subject to the AAMC Privacy Notice. By continuing, you acknowledge that you have read the above and agree to participate.       

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