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Harmonization Across Biomedical Journals – Recommendations Report

The Association of American Medical Colleges, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Council of Medical Specialty Societies, JAMA, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Harmonization Host Organizations) welcome your comments on the report, “Harmonization of Financial Disclosure Reporting in Biomedical Journals: A Shared Responsibility."

This survey has been reviewed according to AAMC policies and procedures and your participation is voluntary. The information you provide will be used by the Harmonization Host Organizations to help inform potential revisions to the recommendations and next steps for the Harmonization Initiative. To the extent that comments are published, no individual or organization names will be published without permission. 

Please note: This survey must be completed in one session and cannot be saved for later completion. This survey should take no longer than 10-15 minutes. 
For questions, please contact Daria Grayer (dgrayer@aamc.org). For additional information about the Harmonization Initiative and to access the report, visit www.aamc.org/disclosure.

1. Ensuring Consistency and Transparency
Beyond what has been discussed in the report, are there any other significant issues or challenges related to author disclosure that need to be addressed in implementation of the report?
2. Author Responsibility for Complete Disclosure
Beyond what has been discussed in the report related to accountability and responsibility for the complete and accurate disclosure of financial interests and relationships, are there any significant issues or challenges that should be further addressed?
3 . Implementation of the "Harmonized Disclosure Framework" (HDF)
In addition to the steps for adoption and implementation of the HDF as identified in the report, do you have any ideas or specific strategies for the successful implementation across the biomedical research community?
4. Next Steps - Opportunity for Continued Involvement in the Harmonization Initiative
Would you (or another representative from your organization) like to participate in next steps related to the adoption and implementation of the recommendations?
100% Complete

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