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Requesting AAMC Data

Thank you for your interest in AAMC data.  You will receive an immediate confirmation of this request upon clicking submit.  An AAMC staff member will contact you with further information as soon as possible.  If you indicate that this request is urgent, you will receive a response from an AAMC staff member within 2 business days.

Based on the information provided, AAMC Request Coordinator Staff will direct you to pre-existing AAMC resources that may meet your needs.  Please note that the AAMC does charge for custom data reports.  Once we better define the scope of your request, we will issue a price estimation.

Submitting this form does not guarantee that the AAMC will fulfill your request. Factors related to whether the AAMC fulfills a request include, but are not limited to, availability of data, AAMC resources, AAMC membership status, human subjects research protections, and data privacy and release policies. Please contact datarequest@aamc.org if you have any questions.
The AAMC will store and use your request information in accordance with the AAMC's Privacy Statement.

Note: * = required question

* Please fill out the following information:
Requestor First Name
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* Please select your current position:
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* With what institution are you affiliated for the purposes of this data request? Please spell out the full name of your Institution or Organization.
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* What type of institution is this?
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* I am interested in data on...
Medical Students
Residents and Fellows
Medical School Faculty
Medical School and Teaching Hospital Data
Workforce Data

Please describe more specifically the type of data you would like AAMC to provide you with:

For what years are you interested in information?  Please type n/a if this is not applicable.  If you are not sure, please type "unsure."

* Are you interested in aggregate data (percentages, quartiles etc.), data at the individual and/or institutional level, or both?
Aggregate Data
Individual and/or Institutional Level
Not Sure

* How will the AAMC data be used?
Contribute to operational/ institutional work
Contribute to a thesis/ dissertation project
Contribute to a research project that will ultimately be submitted for publication
Contribute to an undergraduate/ graduate research paper (not dissertation or thesis)
Institutional Advancement
Verification purposes
Support a proposal or response to an RFP

* Will the data be used in a project that investigates any of the following areas?  Please select "None of the Above" if you are not investigating any of these topics.
Departmental Budgets
Ethical Conduct
Illegal Activity
Mental Health
Race, Ethnicity, and/or Gender Issues
Sexual Harassment
Politically Sensitive or Charged Topics
None of the Above

* Please describe in more detail how the AAMC data will be used and any possible publication or reports that may be developed from the data.

Additional Comments.  If there is a specific database or a specific report/table type in which you are interested, please enter that information here.

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